This is what hate looks like.

Hatred and evil has a face, this is what it looks like.

Brian E. Bryant of Akron Ohio is an anti-semitic, racist schizophrenic incel criminal.

This page lists part of a vast body of 3rd party evidence that shows how Brian E. Bryant is a very sick, racist, mentally ill hate criminal terrorist. Almost all of the content on this page are Brian E. Bryant's own public posts and messages on the internet, all of which he does not deny and even proudly admits to making

I have created this page because I am one of the many people whom has been victimized and attacked by deranged Brian E. Bryant; he has stalked, harassed, slandered, defamed threatened, terrorized, attempted to extort, made false police reports about and attempted SWATing myself and many other innocent people. This page is public interest in warning and protecting people from this bad person, cites 3rd party sources and proof and is Fair Use. This is a work in progress and may be updated as there are thousands of hateful things posted and crimes done and Brian E. Bryant has been posting hateful content like below online for over 20 years and continues to do so to this day. "Yes I know this page is already huge, the evil creature is a human trash generator."

Let this be a warning to Brian and all other bullies, thugs and criminal cowards that hide behind the internet if you tell lies about someone they will tell the truth about you.


Brian E. Bryant is an avowed Anti Semite who openly hates Jewish People and Christians

Brian E. Bryant's Anti Semetic conspiracy facebook page  brian-e-bryant-daffodil.html


Brian E. Bryant is Username Conquest on forums.

Posts from thread from user Conquest. April 2016 - - 

In Brian's own words: "The planes were orchestrated by the American-Israeli alliance to raise nationalism to take over the Middle East." - -

In Brian's own words: "9/11 was a carefully orchestrated holiday by some Jewish & American Capitalist "extremists" who, believing that Muhammad is a false prophet & not caring for the Islamic traditions, collaborated to raise nationalism through a false flag in order to take over the Middle East. They've been trying to take over the Middle East for a loooong time, and they started by using the holocaust excuse to steal land from the Palestinians. They literally don't care; they justified it to themselves as "for the greater good", and twisted the story to say it was Muslim extremists instead.

Larry Silverstein is a wealthy Zionist supporter; a lot of Jews want to expand Israel (most of those who consider themselves Jewish believe the idea that "Israel" is their true homeland, and every other country is just something existing here to be their servants). They believe that it is God's will for Israel to be the ruler of the world; read the Old Testament. If they cannot control the world, their entire belief system is called into question—so they play the "victim" and "victor" card—never taking responsibility for anything.

They devise schemes to rip off other "non favored people" (anyone who isn't Jewish) and the capitalist thieves in American like Bush saw it as an opportunity to take over the Middle East; it is not coincidence that Israel was almost considered an American state at one point.

The whole war is a lie.  
" - -

In Brian's own words: "Interesting how many of you are kids playing a game with pretty much no content religiously like to tell a spiritual guru that he is mentally unstable.

Face it; the government blackmailed Islam.

Capitalism is a system that rewards cut-throat ruthlessness & charm; the land was stolen by pirates, it's run by sociopaths—and it's been at war from its inception built on the backs of black slaves.  " - -

In Brian's own words: "Oh please; everyone is mentally unstable. Only an honest man is willing to admit what his demons are, and that he has them.

Anyway, autism isn't a mental destabilization; 99% of true spiritual prophets in history, revolutionary artists, and savants have a form of autism.

In shamanism, mental illness is present in everyone; the shaman, however, is given the psychic senses of perceiving the illness in society & dealing with it, rather than contracting the contagion & succumbing to it. Thus, the shaman's purpose is to overcome the mental illness, which itself is a disease of society.

Take for instance autism; we live in a capitalist, autistic paradigm.
Body-dysmorphia; we live in a paradigm of mass prostitution & marketing.
Tourette's; we live in a paradigm of filth, lies, and obsession.

The difference between you & I is that every waking second of my life I am healing you, and every single person alive; you, however—live the disease; I fight it, like the White Blood Cells of Victory—cleansing this world of filth & debauchery.  " - -

In Brian's own words: "

Posted by Mangsi
Who made you a guru?
As angry as I may be with Him at times—it was God.  



Brian E. Bryant death threats and terrorizes a Christian forum and it's members

In Brian's own words: "I find it extremely blasphemous of you to ban me from the Rapture Forums. You know, I don’t think the Holy Spirit would be happy with what you did, especially after I was so respectful and generous to offer you my presence. I am the end times judge, and I condemn you to hell for all eternity for publicly making a silent announcement that you believe the Holy Spirit to be evil, and attempting to parasite & hijack my life purpose by profiting off of it."

In Brian's own words: "Just so you know, I told you, I am the person you are waiting for. I am from Akron, the heart of the heart of the heart of America, at the peak. I built Graal Online, the game about the Holy Grail. This is the dawning age of aquarius, the age of the holy grail. The lamb of god age and fisher of men age is over.

You may as well take your website down. Your worst nightmare has come true. You were caught unready, and coldly ignored me; all of your efforts have been in vain. You can repent now and go find dignity, but so you know you have been condemned to hell. You are living in a fantasy land if you think that the end times is going to result in a physical person walking on the clouds.

I come through the airwaves, and I made my debut as the God of Gravity (love) in Graal, to usher in the age. My lightning tower is there; my character is there, dressed just like a thief. I am unsure of who you think you’re fu**ing with, but your sense of judgment and homophobia on those forums will only earn you a deeper position in torment.

I hate you, and your forums, and those people you have conditioned to be wolves.

Take your stupid fu**ing website down. You were not, and are not Rapture Ready, and you are dead.


People such as Brian E. Bryant who openly and seriously say that they "Come through the airwaves" and "are God" are clearly not mentally fit or sound and are a clear and present danger, a threat to themselves and others and/or gravely disabled and should not be allowed to roam freely in public or interact with the public or use the internet. The fact that he has been allowed to roam free and terrorize everyone for so long illustrates the failures of United States law enforcement and mental health systems along with their multitude of others failures such as refusing to stop Nikolas Cruz and others... I guess if some people are part of a certain families, votes a certain way or has some sort of influence or immunity they can just openly commit crimes on the internet with no penalty. I fear history may repeat with this sick guy...

These are not only schizophrenic and psychotic ramblings but also an overt death threat to the owner of made by Brian E. Bryant.

SOURCE(S): - - - More Creepy Forum posts made by Brian E. Bryant containing hate, racism, anti semitism, misogyny and perversion and Brian's attempt to willfully and knowingly destroy evidence.

Brian E. Bryant tries to hide his racist, anti semitic, misogynistic, hate filled posts and posts where he glorifies and praises the school shooters who he seems to love and worship such as Brenton Tarrant, Elliot Rodgers, Nikolas Cruz, Dylan Roof and other sick people and in fact the majority of forums and it's members are solely dedicated to racism, anti semitism and worshipping incels and school shooters. But mainly Brian E. Bryant is most likely attempting to destroy evidence because he knows the F.B.I. and other agencies are now keeping a close eye on him "at least if they were in any way competent they would be". Too bad lookism seems to have preserved all posts/logs and did not delete anything. Just in case I also added them all to and site along with screenshots.


I also archived most of the accounts that he claimed to own and wanted deleted. They along with most of the lookism forum users and posts are the most disgusting and vile collection of nasty hate criminal people and hate posts you could ever have the displeasure of seeing. Do not click the links if you are of a weak stomach or are in a work environment as they are the worse collection of neo nazi incel hate posts possible, it's so bad it makes 4chan and 8chan hate forums look tame in comparison.


Remember Brian E. Bryant himself claims to be the owner of these accounts and wanted them deleted.

Let's begin by taking a look at Username Exterminator...  -  -

Immediately right on his main profile page and signature you see disgusting racism and a neo nazi racist hate meme.


Next up we have his username frenchy91 , surely this can't be any worse than the first account?...  -  -  -

Oh.... It looks like Brian E. Bryant likes to LARP as some sort of French Nazi Incel Superhero or something... At this point I should stop being surprised by this garbage, but Brian's racism, hate and anti semitism seems to know no limits...

This account's posts are just as disgusting as his others...


Next up we take a look at his username Owl.

I have high hopes for this one, surely at least one of his multiple personalities is not an entirely horrible person?  -

This profile isn't "AS" horrible, at least he does not have a racist or nazi image in his avatar, signature or profile. His post history seems to be on par with other lookism user posts. "typical sexism, incel crap, idiocy"

Still this account paints a picture of an ugly nasty person nobody with any decency would ever want to be within 100 feet of.  -  -


Note: The first 3 accounts listed in Brian's post Light , Owl and Exterminator with out a doubt belong to and were creations of Brian E. Bryant. However there is a possibility other accounts may not be his but rather just other sick incel racist neo nazi like-minded people, in that case I am not sure why Brian would list them in the forum post as accounts he wanted to be deleted.

Moving on to username RealRob

To be entirely fair this account claims to be a "Super Moderator" at the oh so upstanding forum and may not actually be Brian, though he did list it as one of the accounts he wanted to be deleted.  -

His profile itself does not appear to contain an overtly racist/nazi avatar or signature, however his post history is still the usual sexist, racist, anti semitic misogynistic incel crap you come to expect from the Lookism site.  -  -


Next up is username PurpleDildo

You can tell already that this is a quality username made by a "quality" human being...  -  -

With great levels of maturity like this comes great schizophrenia...


Next we take a look at username WastedPotential

Note there is a possibility that account may not be controlled by Brian because it is listed as "Super Moderator", though I believe in good faith that it is because of his original post asking for it to be deleted.

His profile says he is "preparing for the holy war" and he "likes eugenics" which is hilarious because under eugenics sick mentally ill people like Brian would be the first to go.  -  -  -

Looking at this accounts post history reveals the typical sexism, misogyny and racism as seen in all the others.

User: WastedPotential "She would be the hottest girl in porn if she didnt f##k n###ers. 

Nothing makes you hit the wall faster than coal burning. " -

I Censored out the F word and N word in quoting the original post, also note how Brian's other accounts like frenchy91 are posting in that thread posting obscene pornographic materials, sexism and racism.

Brian E. Bryant is a very sick person and others at Lookism forums are very sick deranged people as well.

The other users are possibly Lookism forum moderators and not Brian E. Bryant, regardless these users come from the mind of a very sick person(s) full list of links below with archives.

SOURCE(s):  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -


Some of Brian E. Bryant's schizophrenic, anti semitic and racist facebook pages and posts.

Here is a facebook page made by Brian E. Bryant called Daffodil - Narcissicus Origins

The summary of this page is that everyone else is a narcissist except of course Brian who of course in his own mind is God... Contains the usual schizophrenic, racist, neo-nazi, delusional anti semite trash that Brian posts everywhere else. It also seems to link to one of Brian's many failed and deleted past youtube channels The content on this facebook page also seems to be extremely misogynist and call all women "sluts" because all women and all humans are repulsed and disgusted by what a disgusting creature he is. I have observed that pretty much everyone that calls other people narcissist is themselves a narcissist and/or is severely mentally ill usually schizophrenia.

Below is one of the most mentally ill collections of disgusting racism schizophrenic word salads you may ever have the displeasure of reading...

In Brian's own words: "

ARE MEN BIGGER HARASSERS THAN WOMEN? It goes both ways; Playboy girls ARE prostitutes, and they are profiting. They are the passive feminine aspect of "the devil" or what many religions refer to as the "Jezebel Spirit"; they sexually harass through seduction & sell sexual frustration to their audience by manipulating the primal reaction to false intimacy. Think of porn: The first glimpse sexually arouses you, because your PRIMAL mind reacts to it; thus it is easy to manipulate through false intimacy & seduction, and it is not considered a crime (for ulterior reasons). It is the opposite of aggression—the cold extremity, equally abusive and also fatal. In Buddhism & Christianity, "desire" is the root of all suffering. Any man or woman who tempts with desire is considered abusive to another, and this is why Christian marriages are the most successful—because they make no excuses for men or women, and forbid violence & seduction, and they hold the abuser accountable regardless of their gender; men have been more targeted in the media because the government is a shadow Saturn cult from Europe who built DC & runs the media using a confusion of brand identities, the CIA funds a lot of divisive organizations & rallies, & they destroy virtue & testosterone from the population (because they are the government's greatest threat) from having any social recognition or emotional bonding, to prevent revolt. Thus, women are largely permitted to seduce & tempt openly without question while if a man so much as winks improperly someone can scream stranger danger BY the Satanic church who runs DC; women are permitted to divorce on a dime & steal property, rape by deception (rather than aggressive force; that is, trick people into saying "yes" through passive intimate force), as well as sexually harass and it is referred to as "femininity" by the government and also "women's oppression", for absolutely no reason other than to defy logic & destroy testosterone through repetitious media narratives ... But it's part of the mafia-military's internal civil defense system: Target & inspire chaos among the drone bees, then twist narratives against logic that by their spell assume a larger military tactic—to keep the masses divided. But it's neither men nor women to blame here; it's the overarching spirit of big governments and the mafias that run the government—who thereby also manage large cities, buy up real estate & presses. Many of these mafias originated in Europe, some in Arabia, etc.




In Brian's own words: "A major hidden agenda for the role of feminism in society is to permit the overpowering of a male's innate superior physical strength, through group bullying. That is, 1 woman vs 1 man = testosterone wins; 2, 3, or 300 women virtue signaling & playing the damsels in distress vs every man, with a feminist Hollywood depicting men as trash that need to be criticized or overthrown, coupled with the permissions for total threat of social annihilation, divorce, break-up, protest, frenzy, seizure, destruction, hatred, false accusations, business murder, and theft in the name of "women's rights" = bullying ... And the women who choose to profit off of this excursion, under the name of "liberation" will indeed pay their penalty. It is a purely primal, debased creature who would surmise that immoral group-think is a form of inspiration, as if power-in-numbers is a rare concept difficult to grasp, and that human-beings are not omnivores."



In Brian's own words: "The Google/Facebook's YouTube (all three networks own by the Satanic government) agenda to violently divide whites & blacks through perpetrating hatred with their false news they claim as "truth" & censoring real news they label as "false news" to manipulate the masses is real."



In Brian's own words: "the police force is a division of the Satanic synagogue to interface with the public. They are considered "above sub-human peasantry"."



In Brian's own words: "Okay, and who the hell made this video? The Satanic Free Mason's English government who formed Washington DC brought slaves over for their aristocratic synagogue, and blamed it "on all white people" to divide the masses, just like they're claiming women are being oppressed left and right. So, who's trying to create this anti-white video? I can assure you the Satanic Capitalists were the slave owners: Not, "white people". They don't represent all "white people". They represent their small percent of evil people."



In Brian's own words: "In the name of God, why is Nasa being given 91 billion dollars of our labor to fake images of earth? I'm not saying earth is flat. I am saying each of their images are precisely doctored. We know North America by mileage to be nowhere near the size it appears; there are repeating cloud patterns. Everything they do is faked. You all are expected to live, believe, slave away, pay for, and die for a lie where your dreams & purpose are sacrificed endlessly & without mercy at the stake for a handful of scam artists to entice us with false hope & false discoveries. — Unisus"



In Brian's own words: "America is not a democracy, and Washington DC is not secular. Both narratives were presented to the rebels to 1) shut them up, 2) suggest secularism among the people to covertly & passively combat & remove all religions opposing Saturnism, & 3) to prevent the people from seeing the true source of racism."

Pretty hilarious that Brian has the nerve to mention "racism" considering nearly everything he posts is racist and anti semitic.

In case you weren't following along Brian E. Bryant believes George Washington and the United States Government comes from Saturn...


In Brian's own words: "The Boston Tea Party is a national false narrative to convey to the people that the "government" was somehow founded on the opposition of robbery to trick the citizens into a passive role."

Reading this schizophrenic garbage word salad isn't easy so allow me to translate: Brian E. Bryant believes that Lizard people from the planet Saturn are killing all the bees...


In Brian's own words: "The most oppressed members of any society where power is afforded through inheritance or will, are the natural born prophets & leaders; here, they are forced to live empty prisons, enslaving themselves to survive while the masses play & compete for popularity games ... Denying the divine of their right to rule through "independent harmless personal rejection"."

I think my schizo to english translator may be broken but I believe Brian is saying that "sexy people are conspiring with capitalism and democracy to crucify him."


In Brian's own words: "Learn to preserve God's most holy name."

That name is not Brian, Antago, Unisus, Victor, Victorex, Taru, Metatron or any other of Brian's deranged made up names or hallucinations

At face value I might actually agree with that message. However if you haven't already figured it out Brian is a delusional sick little guy that thinks that he himself is God. Also Brian has used God's name in vain countless times and has violated nearly every one of the 10 commandments.


In Brian's own words: "This is a partial answer to a question asked by Jacqueline King McGee about who Hollywood is."

Note: Jacqueline King McGee seems to have been a fake person and fake facebook account that has since been deleted. Brian has been making dozens and hundreds of fake accounts and fake names across the internet for over a decade to talk to himself and make it look like real people actually like him and talks to him.

Here Brian thinks Actors are all prostitutes from the planet Saturn and he shares his obsession with "entering and holding a man" "note: I am not judging Brian's sexual preferences, just his idiocy and delusions."

For some fun and education here is what the real universally "even on the planet Saturn" accepted definition of the word "Entertainment" is.

1 a : amusement or diversion provided especially by performers

//hired a band to provide entertainment
b : something diverting or engaging: such as
(1) : a public performance
(2) : a usually light comic or adventure novel
2 : the act of entertaining

Nowhere in even the wildest stretch of imagination of this definition or in other versions does it mention "entering or holding a man" certainly not in the bizarre sexual context that Brian thinks it means.


Below image is not really relevant to anything other than linking this account to Brian and Akron Ohio. A funny side note; Brian thinks Akron Ohio is the center of the Universe...



The irony and hypocrisy is hilarious... Brian E. Bryant is a deranged mind and I do recommend everyone stay away from him.

Brian can't seem to decide if he is a Republican or Democrat. Brian is merely an insane moron with no true political views he just tries flip-flopping around to try to get someone to like him, nobody does.

Brian is so repulsive and disgusting that all groups of all political affiliations reject and disavow him even the worst of the neo-nazis and antifa reject him.

Brian is actually a rung higher on the shit-o-meter than the Antifa Snorlax Ben Kerensa while trying to copy his criminal tactics. If there is one person Ben is better than it would be Brian.

A deranged schizophrenic lunatic screaming about lizard people from Saturn is not a better political or economic system than Capitalism.

In Brian's own words: "The current POLITICAL & ECONOMIC SYSTEM is OBSOLETE since there are better alternative systems: RBE, Ubuntu, etc - Taru"

Here we learn of the existence of yet another of Brian E. Bryant's multiple personalities and delusions, this one is called "Taru"

Brian E. Bryant thinks that George Washington was a magician or wizard or something... Unsurprisingly nobody liked, commented or shared that or any other of his mental illness facebook posts.

Brian is not in the name of Jesus and he does not represent Christianity, Christians nor any other religion.

In Brian's own words: "George Washington was a high magician, and a war was not won ... The narrative of the government was enforced, and reiterated through the press · We ask that you LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE to make us the widest audience in the name of Jesus! — Unisus"

The answer to Brian's sick delusional question is no. They are two entirely different people. They are not clones, other than having blonde hair they don't even look all that similar. While I am not a fan of either of those people and I had actually never even heard of Zeena before; I can safely say that they are merely physically normal humans who are fairly wealthy and popular for some reason and they are not lizard people from the planet Saturn. I say this with certainty because unlike Brian, I am a sane normal person who is not a delusional schizophrenic nut job.

In Brian's own words: "Is Taylor Swift a clone of ZEENA - Official Zeena Schreck, the former daughter (renounced) of Satanic church leader Anton LaVey? · We ask that you LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE to make us the widest audience in the name of Jesus! — Unisus"

I think quality of television, movies and other media has gone downhill a lot in the last 20 years, but being a sane normal person unlike Brian I don't think they are "sexual harassment wizards" who are "casting spells on people" People who think this are schizophrenics and mentally ill. Normal people that don't like TV or movies simply choose to not watch them rather than go on mentally ill tirades on the internet threatening people.

In Brian's own words: "The mass media is owned by Satanic liars. You're attracted to them, because they're casting spells on you & sexually harassing you. Symbol for symbol, Satanism runs deep in every "mainstream" artist. · We ask that you LIKE, COMMENT, & SHARE to make us the widest audience in the name of Jesus! — Unisus"

And a mentally ill schizophrenic who wants to overthrow the government will?

In Brian's own words: "Has our current political and economic systems successful in ending poverty, armed conflicts, etc? Never will!-TARU"




Original facebook pages seem to have been deleted, so click the links to view them.  -  -


Brian E. Bryant is a sexual predator who has bizarre delusions and sexual fantasies.  -  -